Who Am I ?

Andrius Šešelgis

another human

Hi, my name is Andrius Šešelgis. To the question ‘Who Am I?’ I’m still looking for an answer myself. I could say I’m Andrius, born in little country called Lithuania and I’m 29 years old.. but it’s only my name, birthplace and age. I could say that I’m photographer, filmmaker, musician, traveler, yoga teacher.. again it would be only the activities that I’m doing in my life. 

The question ‘Who Am I?’ led me to question things, start travelling, get to know people from all around the world, see how they live. I started challenging myself, going out of the comfort zone and facing my fears. It also led me to start exploring deeper realms, reading spiritual growth books, scriptures, experiment with various practices like breath-work, yoga, sound-healings, plant medicine ceremonies. It made me understand and feel that we’re something more, we’re diving beings, all looking for the same answer to the same question. 


So what is my answer to that question today?


I am being. I am life. I am nature. I am existence. I am universe. I am god. I am love. I am everything at once.

I believe that we’re all connected, we all came from the same source and we’re all together going back home to the same source.


Regarding my activities, I don’t feel like I’m a doer. I feel like it’s a life’s force who’s expressing itself through me.

Everyday I’m grateful for that. For the art that comes through me.


‘Love which created me – I am’

– A course in miracles.